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Ellie Loves
Beautiful. Simplified. Spaces.

Ellie loves

Clearing space for clarity + purpose



More time

for the ‘good stuff’

How many things could you tell me about now, that would make you feel less stressed if they were done… complete… ‘off your plate’?

Find a new sofa, find storage solutions, revamp a room, give your bedroom and wardrobe a spring clean and reboot.. No more procrastination, done, fast and efficiently, even make the process enjoyable!

Discover time saving hacks, life simplifying apps, get recommendations and inspiration to streamline life and ‘make time for the good stuff’.

Home Organising + Declutter


for your home

Sort, co-ordinate and contain clutter with storage systems designed to fit your lifestyle – and any room in your home. From kitchens to kids’ rooms, Ellie Loves can bring order, alignment and a profound sense of calm to your living space.

I can work with you to regain control of a single aspect or your entire home.  Storage, furniture layouts, re purposing rooms...I'll help you make decisions, re-purpose, donate or gift the excess and leave you with a space you'll love and that flows.

Perfect for:

Moving house | Downsizing | Life change | New Home | End of a relationship | Fresh Start | New Business | Small Business Relocation | Creating a Home Office | Wardrobe Overhaul | Kids Bedrooms | Changing room Purpose 


Home Styling + Staging


if you're surrounded by things you love, great things can happen.  

I create spaces and environments that make you feel good.  Creating experiences, means attention to detail, the smell, the sound, the way they make you feel.  It doesn't always mean  buying lots, but paring back what you have, and letting the best bits take centre stage.  Making the ordinary beautiful.


Perfect for:

Preparing your home for sale | Parties at Home | Giving your home a new look | Independent Retailers | Website photography | Creative Businesses | Seasonal Displays | Special Events | Christmas Decorating 


Ellie has a real talent for creating beautiful spaces

She has a great aesthetic, knows what works and has a knack for grouping products together to tell a story.  We sell almost 2000 products and a mixture of old and new but she always manages to blend them together seamlessly!  She has a real passion for independent retail and is always sharing ideas and inspiration she thinks will work for us.  Ellie's enthusiasm is infectious and I'd recommend her to anyone who needs help with creative spaces and displays

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